Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"Handle" with Care

Today I did something stupid—the kind of stupid you can’t fix. I mean this was really dumb.

Normally I try to be pretty charitable with my language, but this takes the cake. Besides, I’m the one who did the said deed, so it’s my prerogative to call it like I see it.

I accidentally hit the backside of my hand on the bathroom door handle—HARD!

I wasn’t in a hurry. I wasn’t mad. “Nature” wasn’t furiously calling.

I had just finished a great workout downstairs. I had come up the stairs, closed the door behind me and simply wanted to slip through the open door in front of me to grab a tissue from the bathroom.

My arms were naturally swinging while I walked and BAM!

By the way, our “door-knobs” aren’t really door-knobs. They are door handles with a dull-but-definite end. So my hand suffered a sharp blow.

Initially it hurt so bad that I wondered if I broke my hand

What to do?

First I checked to see if I could move my hand. Check.

Next I avoided passing “GO” or collecting $200.00 dollars in favor of getting a bag of crushed ice and immediately taking about 10 minutes to lay on the couch with my hand iced and elevated.

In this case it quickly got better, but I kept icing it intermittently for the morning and avoided unnecessary strain.

Tomorrow’s workout (for me) will likely be modified a touch to give it a little more time to recover.

Naturally I’m both aghast that I could do something so stupid and at the same time I’m thankful that it will likely heal rather quickly.

But that’s what it’s like to be human. At one moment we can be in the prime of health and in the next moment things can sometimes dramatically change. Just ask the Louisville basketball player whose leg broke graphically on national television in the middle of the NCAA basketball tournament popularly known as “March Madness.”

We may not be able to fix the seemingly “stupid” things in life that sometimes happen to us, but by the grace of God we can still “deal” with the results. Whether it’s with ice, prayer, common sense, adjustments, consultation, quiet time, grace, a change of pace or any combination of the above, God has given us the tools with which to face the challenges that come our way.

Oh, and the next time one door closes and another one opens…I’ll be watching out for the door-handle!