Monday, March 31, 2014

Can We Connect Over Lunch On Tuesday?


On Tuesday, April 1st
at 12:05 p.m. I'm going to be leading a live, online worship service...
and I'd like to invite you to sign-up.

I know...we've never done it this way before. :) It may even sound a little crazy. So let's just put it this way,

"it's the next best thing to being in church."

Sure I'd rather worship with you physically, in person, in church. I'll bet you would too.

But you might have been homebound this past weekend, or traveling, or ill, or at college, living out of the area, or (it's been known to happen) inexplicably tied up taking care of your animals on Farmville (is that online game even still around?).

Whatever the case may be, Live Online Worship is a way to fill the gap. And for pretty much all of my ministry I've had a passion for trying to help people fill the gaps in their lives.

By the way, you can do more than just "watch." This is a live worship service and will give you opportunities (if you wish) to actually participate and interact.

For example, I'll ask a couple anonymous questions toward the beginning, enable you to download the scripture reading to follow along, invite you to submit prayer requests via the "chat" room, and even give you opportunity to share your offering via Zion's PayPal account.

So now's the time sign up! It has to be done in advance. Once you click the sign-up link you'll be simply asked for your name and e-mail address. That's all.

Then just watch your e-mail for a confirmation message and a link to click at noon on Tuesday.  I'm thinking the service will last about 30 minutes, maybe 40 at the most.

Like I said, let's connect with each other, and ultimately with God, over lunch on Tuesday.

In Christ,
Pastor Kent

P.S. If you're not available at noon on Tuesday for the live version of this service, the service will be recorded and you will receive a link to the replay to watch at your convenience. BUT, first you must sign up in advance. Just CLICK HERE.

P.P.S. Feel free to forward this message to whoever you think might be interested in checking this out.

P.P.P.S. The theme of this week's Live Online Worship Service is "Vision Glorious" and focuses (did you catch the pun?) on a marvelous story from John 9:1-41. You can click HERE to read it in advance.