Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Look on My Past Year and the Year Ahead

I love the last day of the year because it's such a great time to reflect and plan for the year ahead.

Personally I'm looking at 6 main areas of personal wellness:
  • Interpersonal/Social (which for me includes the Spiritual side of things), 
  • Emotional, 
  • Physical, 
  • Vocational, 
  • Financial, and 
  • Intellectual Health. 
 Some of you may recognize these categories from a graphic called the Wholeness Wheel.

Some time ago I defined what "health" looks like for me in each of these areas and just the other day I ranked them from the area where I think I'm doing best right now to the area where I could use the most improvement.

I also formulated a plan for each of the areas moving forward into 2017. More important (and ultimately helpful!) than any goal is a plan for how to move toward that goal on a daily or at least weekly basis. Otherwise it's just a wish-list.

It should be noted that not a single one of these goals, even if somehow achieved perfectly, will make me a "better" person in God's sight or even in yours. You should know, if you don't already, that I still have a sinful nature just like everybody else. I was born that way and will die that way. My ultimate hope and trust is in God's redeeming love, not my own sense of accomplishment or aspiration.

Still, out of thanksgiving for God's redeeming love and to simply exercise the particular opportunities placed before me, setting goals and working toward them brings its own sense of joy and purpose.

For example, last year at this time, focusing on the area of intellectual health, I decided that I wanted to read between 50 and 60 books in 2016. As of today the total stands at 54. Fifty-Five if you count a book I finished in 2016 but started in 2015. That book was titled: "How to Unclutter your Life in One Week." For some reason it took me a month to read it...but I learned a new way to fold shirts!

Anyhow, every one of those 55 books has helped me to grow in some way. And from now on I've decided that 50 books a year is a healthy habit to keep. Basically a book a week. Several different subjects. Audio books count too.

The reading plan included a spreadsheet where I write down any book recommendations I pick up from trusted sources. That way when it's time to order more books (or borrow them from the library), I have a reading list handy.

Looking ahead, this morning was my first annual "measurement" day. There are a couple areas that I'd like to improve upon physically in the year ahead. A little less here, a little more there. The only way to truly know if I've made any progress by this time next year is to know where things are at right now. It all goes in a private word-processing document that I can pull up next year on this date.

I encourage you to embrace the year ahead with some healthy goals in the important areas of your life. Write them down now. Make a plan. Enjoy the opportunities God gives you!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

3 Crucial Tips For Dealing With Personal Difficulty

Suppose you’re going through an emotionally rough time…

It happens.

That’s when the temptation is to drop everything else and focus on whatever ails you.

Bad move. Keep that up and you’ll be facing checkmate before you know it.

Better to doggedly persist in taking care of yourself first—physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Here’s how…

First: Exercise!

Truthfully, when you’re going through a rough time, almost any exercise will do. Even a walk.

Naturally I recommend my own 9Minutes2Fit because it doesn’t take much time and targets the four major areas of the body (upper body, lower body, mid-section/core, and the cardiovascular system).

But a determined walk will do too. Just don’t make it a casual stroll. Be intentional. Walk with purpose. Put some spring in your step. Pump those arms. This is the time for exercise (even if it’s only for 5 minutes), not lover’s lane.

By the way, exercise isn't just for the body. It's a way of working on your personal sense of confidence as well as your physical health. It a mental as well as physical boost.

Second: Fuel your body for the challenge.

This is NOT the time for so-called “comfort food.” No. No. No.

Now’s the time to fuel your body up with the stuff it really needs!

That means eat extra clean and healthy. Big drink of water first thing in the morning and continued throughout the day to stay hydrated. Lots of vegetables and some lean protein. Include some healthy fats like olive oil, avocado, or almonds. Skip the deep-fat fried stuff and the potato chips at all costs. And yes, proclaim a moratorium on sweets too. In times of stress your body needs the best stuff to face the day, not the worst.

Third, Make time for Devotions.

You might have thought that as a pastor I would have listed this first. Sometimes I do. But most of the time I find it easier to reflect on the ways of God when I’ve already experienced the gifts of God through exercise and healthy food.

A little Bible reading, quiet reflection, and prayer can help you keep things in perspective. 

That's where you'll learn (or be reminded) that you’re not the first person to be going through difficult times. And the Bible subtly (and sometimes not so subtly!) reminds us that we are called to follow the way of Jesus rather than asking Jesus to follow the way of us!

So WE are not the focus. We are just invited into Christ’s parade of service.  Through Bible reading, reflection, and prayer, you can better see this.

Parting Thoughts…
Even after exercising, eating well and spending time in devotions and prayer, your challenges will still be there waiting for you.

But now you can face your challenges knowing:
  1. You’ve already have had two experiences of victory (you exercised and you ate well),
  2. You’re physically at your best, and,
  3. You've been primed again on the promises of God’s presence now and always...
As for facing the challenge of tomorrow? Rinse and repeat!

Monday, July 4, 2016

What I Learned from Peter about Fitness on Independence Day

Are You (like me!) TOO much like Peter?

I was convicted this morning when doing my daily devotions.

I realized that I am TOO much like Peter

In the New Testament book of Luke there is this story of Jesus getting arrested. Peter, one of his “closest” disciples, follows at a distance. He apparently wants to see what happens to Jesus and, sort of, be there for him.

So he mixes in with some of the locals around a campfire within a stones-throw of where Jesus is in custody with the soldiers who arrested him.

But then a few of the bystanders think they recognize Peter as a companion of Jesus and put the pressure on. So Peter denies even knowing him, not just once, but three times!

Then, as Jesus predicted, the cock crowed.

In a way, that’s been ME. Not so much in regard to Jesus. I AM a pastor after all and am deeply grateful for the grace and mercy of our Lord.

But I’ve had this secondary calling in my life for a few years now and I’ve really never fully claimed it.

It’s a calling to help my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ take better care of the body that God has given them.

I mean, even if you’re not too cracked up about the particular body God gave you, it’s still a gift to have a body.  Right?

And the best way to thank God for any gift (including your body) is to use it! To keep it healthy. To care for it as if it were precious! Anything else is, well, kinda rude!

Besides, the vast majority of prayer requests I've received over the years have been for health! Yet few of us actually live in a way that nurtures good health.

But back to me and my own "struggle" for a moment.

I’ve been “following” and admiring various people over the years who have taken their passion for helping others with fitness and developed little businesses that really do enable them to help others.

Several of them, knowing that I've got my own quality system, have encouraged and beckoned me to do the get my own system out there where it can be helping people.

But I’ve never really gotten serious about taking what I’ve been blessed to learn about fitness and really focus on sharing it with those who could use it most!

Which is silly because what I have developed really works and with over 2/3 of the American population overweight or obese (and with Christians being 14% more likely than the general population to be overweight or obese), lots of people could really use it. Maybe even you.

Yet every time one of the fitness gurus I know (and by now I know quite a few of them) asks me how I’m doing with getting my fitness system into the hands of those who need it most, well, like Peter, I basically start spouting off various forms of denial.

I tell them the “Salespage” isn’t quite the way I want it. Or that I should re-do the basement so the videos will look like what you see on TV infomercials. Yada yada yada.

So even though I became certified personal trainer and have a fitness system I developed that can be done at home or anywhere, is adaptable to beginner, intermediate, and advanced fitness levels, is based on the latest science and has kept me in some of the best shape of my life for over 4 years now and I’ve basically kept it to myself.

Even though I’ve got plenty of first-hand testimonials, scientific support, and the like, my 9-Minute workout system is basically a best-kept secret.

That's been me. Now let's swing back to you!

I wonder if perhaps you’re a little bit like Peter too.

How often have you "followed" fitness posts and articles and programs without actually doing them?

How often have you read posts about this healthy recipe or that? About this workout system or that? But yet not really applied any of it consistently to your own life?

How often have you been impressed by friends who suddenly seem to act like they really are thankful for the body God gave them? Who don’t mind getting up a little earlier or being just a little more dedicated to health? And yet you’ve hung back…

Are you, like Peter, one who has been ‘following’ fitness at a distance?

Are you sort of hiding in the camp-fire shadows, too embarrassed or perhaps even too scared to be seen as someone who is finally going to claim a healthy relationship with your body? a

Look, we all have things we need to work on. In some ways it’s my own lack of confidence that’s been holding me back from using the gifts that God has given me. Today I’m taking one step toward changing that, toward TRUSTING that God has already given me what I need to be helpful to others and to grow myself.

I wonder if on this Independence day you can take a step too!

There are a zillion systems out there to take better care of the body God gave you. Almost any system is better than no system. Feel free to check them out.

For me, 9 minutes a day is all the time I’m willing to spend on fitness because it's basically excuse-proof and works!

After all, the only exercises that are effective are the ones you consistently do.

I do it five days a week, usually right away in the morning.

That’s just 45 minutes of exercise for the whole week!

But it’s enough to keep me in great shape!

And I’m not some ‘youngin’ either.

This month I’ll turn 54.

Today I’m going to start tearing down the old building pictured below myself. Why? Because it needs to be done AND because by the grace of God I’m still quite physically capable of doing it!

There will be lots of prying with crow-bars, hammering with a sledge, carrying wood here and there and who knows what else.

No matter. I can do it. Every day, in just 9 minutes of focused exercise that includes strategic periods of rest, I work out my upper body, lower body, core, and heart and lungs. I’m well-prepared for the physical challenges before me.

Imagine what could be possible if you were to stop “following at a distance” the people who invite you to a healthier way of life and start “joining” them!

As a pastor I've spent enough time in hospitals and funeral homes to realize that some things about health are beyond our control. But I also know from my study of all things health that we can dramatically swing odds into our favor by just USING the body God gave us in healthy ways.

To stop "following" and start "doing" and "joining."

Listen, you weren’t created to be like Peter. You were created to be YOU!

And I’d like to help you find and claim the God-given YOU that, perhaps, has been hiding…BEFORE the cock crows in your life!

To your fitness of body and soul,

P.S. Remember when I said that I’m not quite happy with the wording on my salespage for my fitness system? Well, that’s still true. I think it’s too long and too drawn out and doesn’t have quite the right tone. But those are just excuses. Truth be told, the buy-now links at the bottom of the page still work! So if you’d like 18 follow-along at-home workouts led by me that take just 9-minutes/day, just go to, scroll to the bottom and click one of the buy-now buttons and get started today! You can make my day…and yours…at the same time!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

$10 Dollars Off 9-Minute Fitness Program
(Portico Users can use it for the
“Go Challenge” Too!)

Dear Colleague,

Sometimes you really can do two things at once.

Or in this case, THREE things at once:
  1. Get Your Body in Shape
  2. Save Money
  3. Earn Wellness Dollars

What’s not to like? :)

YES, You’re just in time to catch the Lenten version of 9Minutes2Fit!

In just 9 minutes/day...
  • you'll be on the road to fitness
  • qualify for your Portico Wellness Dollars as part of the “Go Challenge” and/or
  • save $10 Bucks to boot!

Here’s how it works...

Every weekday I’ll e-mail you a link to a follow-along workout video.

Together we’ll walk through each exercise in that day’s workout at 
  • beginner
  • intermediate, and 
  • advanced fitness levels.

Then I’ll start the timer and you and I will be exercising the body God gave us.

For 9 minutes.

Well, not the full 9 minutes…

We’ll really only be exercising for a total of 3 minutes and 36 seconds.

The rest of the time we’ll be resting. A little siesta!

How hard can that be, right?

But it works.

You’re really gonna like the way you feel!

Oh, and this is no little flash-in-the pan workout system.

It’s good over the long haul too.

For almost 4 years now I’ve done basically nothing but 9 minutes of exercise per day.

At the age of 53 I’m still in some of the best shape in my life and only exercising 9 minutes/day!
  • Without doing any long-distance running
  • Without doing a single sit-up or crunch.
  • Without plodding along some imaginary journey on a stationary bike to nowhere.

Now you can use this proven workout system too.

What’s more, if you’re covered by Portico, this program is a great-fit for earning wellness dollars through the “Go Challenge.”

In fact, I know a Portico representative who is planning to do just that!

So now it’s your turn…and here’s how I’d like to sweeten the pot…

To Help Get You on the Path Toward Fitness, the Deluxe 33-Workout Package is just:

$37.95.  $27.95

(Save $10.00) 

 (Last Easter I sold this same package for $37.95 and received great testimonials to boot!)

Here's What You'll Get:

Links to 33 follow-along workout videos (delivered via week-day email messages) that are:

  •  able to be done in your home or almost anywhere
  •  easily adaptable to beginner, intermediate, and advanced fitness levels
  •  designed to engage all the major muscle groups in your body including your heart and lungs
  • a healthy combination of Interval Training, Circuit Training, Resistance Training, and Aerobic Training
  • based on the latest exercise science

You’ll also get a couple BONUSES including:

·      My “6 Key’s to Christian Fitness” Video Presentation
·      A demonstration video of how to make my daily smoothie.

The sign-up process is simple.

First, Click This Link that will take you to a Paypal page (where you can also use your debit or credit card).

Second, be watching your email for a confirmation link.

After that it’s off to the get-in-shape races without ever running a race. :)

Right from the comfort of your own home…

To Your Fitness of Body and Soul,
Kent Wilson, Certified FAS (Functional Aging Specialist)

PS        Remember, for the next 33 weekdays (I take the weekends off) you can get me to lead you through a refreshing 9-Minute workout to kickstart your way toward physical health. And if you’re like most people, you’ll probably get an emotional boost as well. Just click here to get started.

PPS     We all have different gifts and passions. One of mine is helping people take care of the body God gave them. I really believe that how we take care of our body is a stewardship issue…a way of giving thanks to God for one of the very first gifts we’ve ever received. So if you’d like a little help in this department, you canbegin by exercising your index finger and clicking HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do you mean when you say that you are a Functional Aging Specialist?

This past fall I became a certified personal trainer with an emphasis on the physical conditions and functional needs of the boomer and senior population. FAS (Functional Aging Specialist) is the designation for this certification and I was among the first 300 people in the country to attain it.

What are the best reasons to use 9Minutes2Fit?

  • It engages your upper body, lower body, core, and heart and lungs in every workout.
  • It requires only short bursts of activity, which almost anyone can do
  • It adapts to people of beginner, intermediate, and advanced physical condition
  • The workouts are so short that they can easily fit into anyone’s schedule
  • The workouts can be done at home, which saves the expense of a gym membership and, more importantly, the TIME it takes to drive to and from the gym.
  • The workouts have plenty of variety, so you don’t get bored.
  • When the workouts are done, you feel like you’ve really accomplished something.
  • The benefit/after-burn from the workouts continues after the workout is completed
  • This form of working out is sustainable over the long-term (I’ve been doing nothing but this workout system for almost 4 years now and it keeps me in great shape!)
  • The nature of this workout system is backed by the latest exercise science.
  • 9Minutes2Fit combines: resistance training, aerobic training, circuit training and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) into one super-effective and efficient workout.

Do you have a DVD version of the workouts?

Not at this time.

Do I need an Internet connection?

Yes. The links to the workouts arrive via email into your inbox.

When do the emails arrive?

Emails are set to arrive between midnight and 3:00 a.m.

Do I need any special equipment?

You don’t need “special” equipment, but there are a few things that you will want to have on hand including:
  • A pair of dumbells OR 2 milk-jugs filled with water
  • An exercise ball OR a rolling desk chair or other stable rolling device
  • An exercise band OR a good bunge cord
  • A chin-up bar OR some other secure overhead anchor to which you can attach the exercise band for overhead exercises.

What are the workout videos like?

The videos are filmed in my no-frills basement. Each video has essentially 2 parts. First I explain which exercises we are going to do on that given day and then demonstrate each exercise at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced fitness level. Then I start the 9-minute timer and I lead you through the workout. At the end I simply congratulate you for your great effort and sign off for the day. Most videos are in the 13-18 minute range.

Do I have to workout with the videos?

No. Each email contains a listing of the exercises that are part of that day’s workout. If you already know how to do all the exercises in that day’s workout, you can do the workout on your own. You will, however, need a 2-stage timer set for 18 and 27 seconds. You can either download an app for your smart-phone if you have one, or you can order a timer like I use. When you sign up, the first email you receive will include a link for that timer that you can purchase if you wish. Even though I now have a timer app on my phone as well, I actually prefer the other timer because I can wear it on my shorts, I don’t have to worry about my phone not being charged, it’s easy to throw in a suitcase when traveling, etc.

Can I lose weight using this system?

People have lost weight using this system! In fact, I know a pastor who lost 25 pounds. However, as I trust you already know, your diet plays a much larger role in weight loss than exercise, though both are important. The primary aim of this program is to get and keep your body in shape. Weight loss, if desired, is a secondary benefit and will almost assuredly require you to address your eating habits as well. I’m just being honest.

What are others saying about 9Minutes2Fit?

 “My experience was that the workout was challenging enough to get the heart pumping and the sweat flowing, a good place to start in the morning. I like that it is customizable to difficulty level and exercises chosen. My wife and I have done it together. This is a great work-out for busy people.” –Fisk, seminary intern

“We met at the internship retreat and I thoroughly enjoyed the workout. I was super excited to see this opportunity and want to take advantage of it! It's been a great start to the program … The exercises have been really good and I've felt that I understand them, plus the videos are a great bonus with good tips on how to make the exercises more or less demanding!
–Dan, seminary intern

“Kent, I think this work is excellent. Thank you for persistently inviting folks to focus on the gift of God’s health.” –Marc, member of Bishop’s staff

Kent, Love the program. Very do-able. I look forward to seeing results as I’m taking a new call…in June and would love to move less of me. I really like getting your daily emails every day.  This program is working well for me. –Marie Duquette, pastor

Your program works well for us when I am available and I get a kick out of doing them with [my husband] Kevin.  He watches your videos and then instructs me later, and we exercise together. Thanks for helping us get in shape!  --Debbie and Kevin, spouse and pastor

Kent, Yes we are [enjoying the workouts]. It’s a good program and causing me to use muscles I haven't used for a long time. My legs were pretty sore for a few days but it’s worth it. I'm looking forward to going through the whole 40 days.  --Tom Piper, pastor’s spouse

I spoke at the retreat about the benefits of your program.. .and I made a STRONG POINT that you are teaching me... and that you have a great understanding of the body and how to get a full body workout. I appreciate TREMENDOUSLY that you're sharing your knowledge!  I also appreciate your generosity with understanding others' time, skill level, and fitness level. Based on how you're teaching, I was able to not exercise on Thursday (with extra responsibilities for the retreat). So I can transfer Thursday and Friday's workouts to other days!

Thanks again! Blessings on your weekend!
Ralph, pastor

Love the workouts. Thanks, these are really helpful and doable.  I especially like the options for levels of fitness.  The wall push-ups are where I am these days.  –Paula Connor, pastor

Got all three workouts in this week (I do appreciate the extra day on Saturday, as that is when I did the Friday work out - nice to have a 'catch-up' day!)Thanks, Kent, I look forward to next week.
Kathy Shuck, pastor

I absolutely love this program!  The best part is the time involved to get in a great workout - so do-able! Thanks so much. –Diana Schneider, church member

The simplicity of the program has gotten me back to and looking forward to daily exercise! THANK YOU!  --Frank Hanrahan

I look forward to each day's workout. Good variety of exercises. Thanks for doing this.
--Rich, seminarian

Exercise your Index Finger and Click Here to Get Started Today!